Air & Vapor Barrier

An air barrier "wraps" the building and ensures that it is protected
from the negative effects of air leakage.

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Air & Vapor Barrier

An air barrier is a system of water and solvent-based materials that control the movement of air, water and vapor both into and outside of a building. An air barrier "wraps" the building and ensures that it is protected from the negative effects of air leakage.

Murphy Company often recommends fluid applied air/vapor barriers and their complimentary accessory products which work together in providing a seamless barrier that guards against uncontrolled leakage of air, excessive energy usage, poor interior air quality and moisture damage. These products also provide the flexibility to evolve with each of your project designs.

Air / Vapor Barrier Advantage:

  • Experience to Select the Most Durable Solution for your Project - We choose from many options to find high performance products that hold up to presures from wind, stack effect and variable climates.
  • Everything Needed - Murphy will deliver everything needed, inluding fluid applied and transitional product that meet all your projects design needs.
  • Professional Support - Working with our vendors, Murphy will provide certified staff to assist with design and application inquiries, LEED® certification, pre-construction meetings and product selecetion.
  • LEED® Certification - We can select products that contribute eligibility to multiple LEED points and to the attainment of LEED certification.
  • Products that have National Fire Protection Standards - The use of water resistive components such as air barriers in modern construction has created a need for testing to ensure these materials don’t propagate fire within buildings. Murphy selects products that meet the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) 285 standard for use in non-combustible construction.

The Objective Of An Air Barrier:

  • Improved Air Quality And Comfort
  • Reduced Mold And Mildew Damage
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Lengthened Life Span Of The Building
  • Prevented Premature Degradation
  • Increased Building Performance
Foundation Waterproofing
Mechanical Insulation
Industrial Regrigeration


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